Only the best

Our ingredients & allergens

Our products contain a selection of high quality and carefully chosen ingredients that provide healthy nutrition and a great tasting experience. We take care to ensure that our products contain as few allergens as possible, such as milk, egg, soy, gluten and nuts, but unfortunately this cannot be completely avoided. All our products may always contain small traces of all allergens.

The labelling is aimed at allergy sufferers and people with food intolerances.

The products we use might contain the following allergens:

Attention: All our dishes may contain small traces of other allergens!


Bioland curry sausage without casing: Sn (mustard seed)
Organic curry sausage with casing: Sn (mustard seed)
Organic fried sausage: Sn (mustard seed) Ml (milk)
Organic meatball: Sn (mustard seed) Gl (wheat)
Vegan curry sausage (non-organic): no allergens
Organic French fries: no allergens
Organic bread roll: Gl (wheat)


Organic ketchup: no allergens
Hot Asian sauce: no allergens
Organic Worcester Sauce: Soy
Organic medium hot mustard: Sn (mustard seed)
Organic mayonnaise: Sn (mustard seed) egg (eggs)
Organic garlic mayonnaise: Sn (mustard seed) Egg (eggs) Ml (milk)

Frying fat

Organic sunflower oil (HO): no allergens