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Our quality promise

Nothing can go waste with such excellent meat. For us, everything revolves around outstanding quality and species-appropriate animal husbandry. In doing so, we combine true sustainability and craftsmanship by using only Bioland-certified goods for our products.

Only the premium parts end up in our sausage, which means: shoulder shear (i.e. low-fat), knuckle of pork and bacon – without rind, of course. The high-quality ingredients make our sausage very digestible, particularly crunchy and yet significantly lower in fat than the usual Berlin curry sausage.

The highest award, the Bioland Gold status, is only awarded to farms with at least 90% organic content. We have been one of them since 2020 and are quite proud that transparency, regionality, craftsmanship and fair supply relationships are rewarded.

Where is Bioland actually located?

Bioland is the largest organic growers’ association and currently has well over 10.000 members – we have been a part of it (almost) from the beginning and are very pleased that Bioland is becoming more and more popular. Bioland members process, produce and sell organic products and adhere to the strict Bioland guidelines. Bioland focuses on sustainable agriculture, promotes species-appropriate animal husbandry and works closely with farmers.
“Those who choose Bioland also say no to genetic engineering, factory farming, synthetic chemical nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides. Bioland farmers and their partners in the food trade and production work according to strict guidelines. These go far beyond the legal minimum standard for organic food.”


Tabelle Bio-Vergleich
(Source: “QUER” magazine from Bayrischer Rundfunk, 04th August 2017)